Solingen Straight Razor

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C-mon made in Germany.

Previously available

VINTAGE JOSEPH FEIST SOLINGEN /2462/ RAZOR + OLD Knife Razor,Silberstahl Solingen #50.1/1 Straight Razor "SELLING AS IS "SMALL NICK BLADE,J.A. Henckels Solingen Zwillingswerk Straight Razor 17,Friodur Inox 72 1/2 Straight Razor Henckels Solingen Zwillingswerk,Friedr Herder 77 Solingen Straight Razor,Friodur Inox 472 Straight Razor Henckels Solingen Zwillingswerk,Friodur Inox 472 1/2 Straight Razor Henckels Solingen,VintagCLAUBERG BROS. TONSORIAL GEM straight razor Solingen Germany,Friodur Inox 72 Straight Razor Henckels Solingen Zwillingswerk,Fried-Wilh-Engels FWE Special Solingen GR Germany with Silver Inlay Scales ,Vintage Straight Razor Solingen-Wald ,Vintage Leader Straight Razor F.W. Engels Solingen German with box,Straight Razor Solingen Extra Hollow Ground ! ,Vintage Straight Razor Solingen 4628 Made in Ern Germany with Sheath,Dorko Straight Razor-Shave Ready "DeLuxe" #118 7/8" Solingen,Germany,Straight Razor-Shave Ready Feinster-Silberstahl "Sunday" 5/8" Solingen,Germany,

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